Twitter Takeover at Maximum Pop! Books!


This Friday, April 28th, I’m taking over the twitter account for Maximum Pop! Books!

Come visit for an hour starting at Noon Pacific Time / 8pm BST. I’ll be talking about my latest YA novel, A TRAGIC KIND OF WONDERFUL — which comes out in paperback on May 4th — and anything else you want to chat about in the book author world. Just tweet your questions to @maximumpopbooks with hashtag #EricMP to join the conversation.

I will also be giving away one free copy of A TRAGIC KIND OF WONDERFUL in paperback. To enter for a chance to win, tweet the hashtag #ATKOW with your question during the takeover hour (just the once is fine — no need to include it with every question or comment). When the takeover ends, I’ll randomly select one winner from all the twitter handles that entered.

What shall we talk about on Friday? Among other things, A TRAGIC KIND OF WONDERFUL tells the story of Mel Hannigan, who (as her psychiatrist puts it) has “…bipolar disorder….vibrant blue eyes, a wonderful personality, a tendency to undervalue (herself), and many, many other things.” I don’t have bipolar disorder, so my book is not #ownvoices. I do have ADD-PI, clinical anxiety, and depression, so many of my symptoms do overlap with Mel’s, yet in other ways, I can’t know what it’s like to have bipolar disorder; no one without it can truly know. So in writing Mel’s story, I stayed as close as I could to my own experiences, and to accounts of people with bipolar disorder in my research. I mention this here to say that all these topics, including my own diagnoses and experiences, are fair game during the takeover — feel free to ask anything!

Follow us both on Twitter, and come join the takeover this Friday! Until then…




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