An Unexpected Joy of Writing Novels

Writing novels and seeing them published has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember. When I imagined successfully achieving it, I pictured finding my book on store shelves, seeing people online speaking well of my stories and characters, and selling enough of them to keep doing it.

Never did I imagine anything like this:


A fan from a middle school enjoyed my book and made her own cover for an art assignment. She decorated it with a model of the scarf Parker wears on her first day of junior year, and on the back cover she wrote a condensed version of Parker’s Rules. She also included braille on the cover, but instead of duplicating the braille on the published cover (which some readers have figured out doesn’t say the title), she wrote “Not if I See You First” in correct grade two braille.

I’ve been delighted to see various fan-created photos online for my book. And of course there’s a whole world of fan fiction and cosplay out there for the most successful books, but the furthest my imagination had gone was to hope people would enjoy my stories and want more. When I found these photos in my email, it was wonderful and completely unexpected.

Thank you so much for this, she-who-will-not-be-named! I’m very happy you liked Parker’s story, and I’m so grateful you shared your art project with me.  😀

Not If I See You First

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